Agricultural Fencing

Tornado has been supplying the UK farming industry with innovative fencing solutions for more than three decades and were the first company to introduce high tensile stock fencing in Britain. Today they manufacture and source a large range of animal fencing for farm, game and wild environments.

Their high-quality products are designed to keep livestock safely in and predators emphatically out, and to withstand the passage of time, animal impact and the very worst of weather. Fencing is exhaustively tested and every roll is given a unique serial number to ensure complete traceability.

Hi-Tensile Plus Stock Fencing

Hi-tensile plus stock fencing offers optimum strength, durability, tautness and ease of installation for a low lifetime cost and effortless maintenance.

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Mild Steel

In addition to our comprehensive range of Hi-Tensile Plus products, we offer high quality mild steel fencing.

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Coiled Wire

For supporting strained wire netting, controlling stock (in conjunction with droppers as complete stock fencing) or simply to extend the height of a fence.

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Barbed Wire

Barbed wire provides vital protection to a fence by defending it against downward compression by cattle or other heavy animals.

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Poultry Fencing

Tornado Poultry Fencing fulfils very specific requirements. It keeps chickens in and prevents them burrowing under the netting whilst effectively deterring predators.

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Deer Fencing

Tornado Deer Fencing, made from Hi-Tensile Plus, offers unrivalled strength, a secure boundary and comprehensive protection from predators.

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Badger Fencing

Tornado Badger Fencing is manufactured from innovative, flexible Hi-Tensile Plus wires which are laid underground to stop badgers from burrowing.

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About Us

Drumnakilly Supplies Ltd are a farm supplies company established for over 10 years providing outstanding value and service to the agriculture sector. Centrally located in Drumnakilly near Beragh, Co. Tyrone, we service the whole of Ireland with many exclusive products including Tornado Wire, Fence Posts, Grass Seeds, Cattle Mats, Salt Licks, Chemicals, Ensiled Foodstuffs and so much more. We also offer haulage, taking full and part loads to UK and Ireland with our 45ft Flatbed Trailers and 45ft Step Frame Trailers.

We currently have approved plans for an extensive new store and warehouse facility which will see us stocking a wider range of products and moving from strength to strength. Whatever your needs, and wherever you're from, Drumnakilly Supplies Limited have all your farm supply requirements covered.

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