Badger Fencing

Tornado Badger Fencing is manufactured from innovative, flexible Hi-Tensile Plus wires which are laid underground to stop badgers from burrowing. It is essential for excluding badgers from dangerous road developments or forestry operations, and as such has been used on stretches of motorway including the M6 Toll. The unique 8cm spacing between vertical wires provides the strength required for restricting badgers, and enables it to double as effective stock fencing. Tornado Badger Fencing can easily be laid underground, curving away from the posts. In addition, it provides a degree of ‘give’ and retains its shape over the long term, without needing costly maintenance or repairs.

Tornado Badger Fencing exceeds the European Standards for tensile strength and galvanising, and meets Highways Agency specifications. It can be found on HA drawings H46 and H47.


  • Hi-Tensile Plus wire
  • Flexible, hinged knots
  • Follows the contours of the ground
  • Unique 8cm spacing between vertical wires


  • Road and Rail
  • Exclusion
  • Embankments


  • Heavily galvanised to BS EN 10244 Class A
Net Style No. of Line Wires Top & Bottom Line Wire Dia (mm) Stay/Inter Line Wire Dia. (mm) Dist. between Stay Wires (cm) Roll Height (cm) Roll Length (m) Avg. Roll Weight (kg)
HT8/158/8 15 2.50 2.50 8 158 50 87
HT17/194/8 17 2.50 2.50 8 194 50 103
HT19/238/8 19 2.50 2.50 8 238 50 120

KEY: • Standard Specification > Special Item

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