Forage Herb Mixtures

These mixtures offer an improved variation in diet for your stock as well as significant agronomic and nutritional properties.

  • Agronomic benefits include improvements in drought tolerance and soil structure.
  • Nutritional benefits derive from the mixtures high mineral content and palatability. Chicory has been shown to increase live-weight gain in lambs even faster than white clover.
  • Health benefits it aids the natural expulsion process and creates a hostile gut environment.

The following mixtures are best sown in distinct strips or small open paddock blocks freely
accessible to stock. Allow sufficient time for the herbs to fully establish before allowing access to stock. Once fully established the mixtures should be grazed hard to prevent the herbs running to seed or becoming “woody”

Lamb Tonic is a new concept which was developed in New Zealand. The use of plantain provides additional mineral content and faster finishing. The crop has the ability to regrow after initial grazing.

Cheviot Chicory Mix

43% Forage Chicory
28.5% Timothy (Comtal)
28.5% White Clover (Cheviot Blend)
100% Sow at 14 kgs per hectare (5.7kgs per acre)

Forage Herb Mixture

36% Ribwort Plantain
28% Forage Chicory
18% Timothy (Comtal)
18% White Clover (Cheviot Blend)
100% Sow at 18 kgs per hectare (7.3kgs per acre)

Lamb Tonic

20% Plantain Tonic
80% Chicory
100% Sow at 3 kgs/hectare within a grass ley

Forage Chicory – Grasslands CHOICE


  • Increased milk production
  • Higher live-weight gain in lambs and beef animals
  • Possible reduction of parasite burden
  • Good drought tolerance and midsummer growth
  • Elevated mineral and trace element content for healthy livestock
  • Very high forage quality and digestibility

Drill in to warm, well drained soils (10°+) at a depth of about 10mm.
Sow at 3-6 kgs straight or 1-4 kilos in a mixture with grasses and clover.
Best sown in herbal strips or blocks rather than through an entire ley as if it bolts (flowers) the ley might need to be taken out of production.
Best rotationally grazed. Re-grazing should only be undertaken when 2-4 leaves per plant have fully re-grown.

CHOICE is the preferred cool season variety and the one most compatible with grasses in mixtures.

CHOICE exhibits long season growth only becoming dormant at near freezing temperatures.


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