EID Readers

Shearwell Data Stick Reader – SDL 400

The Shearwell Stick Reader is perhaps THE most popular of all readers. Simple to use, links to a mobile printer or downloads to a computer for your farm movement records. This unit is ideal for the following users that want to record movements only, it is not for full management information: Farmers, Hauliers, Lamb buyers, Auctioneers, Store lamb finishers, Sheep Contractors. Some of these users , with a belt printer, will be able to read on behalf of those farmers not wanting to get involved with the technology.

  • Economical option for capturing EIDs
  • Reads ISO 11784/11785 HDX and FDX-B transponders
  • Read distance up to 20cm
  • Visual ‘tag read’ light for noisy environments
  • Large memory to store up to 16,000 animal EIDs
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Rugged design for on farm use
  • Takes standard and rechargeable AA batteries,
    allowing a full days work without a battery change

Stock Recorder Pro with Integrated Reader SDL300i

This is the most powerful, easy to use and expandable type of handheld device. Shearwell supply the Handheld Stock Recorder running a dedicated program which, with full colour touch screen, full alphanumeric key pad and inbuilt reader offers a very comprehensive data recording system, allowing animals to be recorded either electronically or manually. This type of handheld will hold all the records for your livestock (cattle and sheep), including parentage, weight, treatment and movement history so all this information is available at your fingertips while out with your livestock. Unlimited general purpose comments can be stored and re-called for each animal. The device has enough memory to hold information for more than 500,000 animals. The Handheld Stock Recorder will read all ISO compliant devices – ear tags, bolus and implants.

In addition, the Handheld Stock Recorder can be linked wirelessly using ‘Bluetooth’ to a wide range of peripheral devices; such equipment as EID race readers (allowing large numbers of animals moving through a race to be automatically read and recorded), weigh systems (allowing automatic weighing of animals) and a range of equipment for drafting animals into different groups, based either on weight or any other data stored on the handheld such as age, breed, sex, breeding performance etc. The choice is endless!

Data collected on the Handheld Stock Recorder is transferred easily to FarmWorks by SDL farm management software where comprehensive reports can be printed to assist with both legislative and management recording.

Integrated Shearwell Reader – SDL300i

The Handheld Stock Recorder is available with or without the Integrated Reader. This reader can be purchased separately to be fitted onto the Handheld Stock Recorder.

The combination of the Integrated Reader and the Stock Recorder Pro offers convenient data collection with the flexibility of Bluetooth connection.

Handheld not included

Race Reader – SDL 130

Robust and fully portable race reader.

Automatic capture and fast, efficient reading of each animal with an electronic device.

The robust case of the SDL130 is protected according to IP 65. It withstands harsh environmental circumstances.

Capable of reading both technologies – HDX and FDX-B.


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