BRL Gypsum Bedding

Gypsum Livestock Bedding

Gypsum is becoming more and more popular as an alternative bedding for live stock. The bedding is pH 7 therefore there is no burning or markings on the animals. In the manure the product is soluble and penetrates the soil. It is an excellent source of Calcium and Sulphur. A list of benefits are listed below.

Why Gypsum?

  1. Available throughout the year.
  2. Does not stick to your livestock.
  3. Reduced mastitis and digital dermatitis.
  4. pH 7 – therefore does not cause burns which are associated with lime.
  5. Reduces ammonia – locking up nitrogen which reduces leaching.
  6. A more absorbent product when compared to other bedding materials.
  7. Does not support bacterial growth as associated with sawdust and straw.
  8. Reduced cell counts resulting in improved milk yields.
  9. Gypsum is utilised on both cubicles and loose systems.

Gypsum works extremely well in cubicles, in-fact many of our end users of gypsum bedding have commented that it is more absorbent than lime based products. Gypsum does not support bacteria growth as typically associated with straw, sawdust and shavings. The result of this is reduced cell counts, improved milk yields and improved air quality.

Gypsum is also known to help reduce mastitis and, unlike lime, can also reduce digital dermatitis. Gypsum is pH neutral so therefore is non-caustic and safe, so it will not cause burns or sores such as teat burn.

Gypsum significantly locks in ammonia, the odour is therefore also reduced, improving the environment within the bedding area. The retained ammonia increases the natural nitrogen in the slurry is then spread into the fields, the gypsum adds additional value as an additional source of nitrogen, calcium and sulphur is provided in the manure, resulting in higher yielding grassland at reduced input costs.

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