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Established in 1996, EasyFix Rubber Products is a recognised market leader in the rubber products industry. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, customer service and continuous product innovation. Selling in over 32 countries worldwide, our products for the agricultural, equine, construction, recreational and industrial markets are amongst the most innovative on the marketplace. Contact us now for more information.

Why buy EasyFix™?

  1. EasyFix offer a 5 year warranty on all products
  2. EasyFix Slat Rubber is the market leader worldwide
  3. All products are developed in-house
  4. Proven products installed throughout the world
  5. Quick return on investment

Full Product Range


  • 5’3” x 2’ x 2’ interlocking feed trough system
  • Made from lightweight shatterproof plastic
  • Reduces waste and labour
  • Increases intake
  • Increases milk yield
  • Adjustable width to suit feeding needs.
  • Reduces contamination from birds
  • Feed always in front of animals
  • Suitable for use with all Diet Feeders and Mixer Wagons

Slat Rubber – DLG Approved

  • Prevents lameness
  • Improves heat detection due to extra grip & comfort
  • Improves milk yield & fertility
  • Up to 30% more weight gain on beef cattle & young stock
  • Improves animal cleanliness due to sloped profile for faster drainage of waste
  • Dramatic increase in animal comfort welfare & performance
  • Suitable for all types of Slats
  • Can be used with automatic scrapers

EasyFix Cow Mat

  • 6’ x 3’9” x 25mm
  • Easy to install
  • Will not expand, tear or warp out of shape
  • Impact bubbles underneath the mat provide the ultimate comfort
  • Also available in Interlocking format

Foam Mattress Mat

  • 6’ x 3’9” x 25mm with Latex
  • Memory Foam insert
  • Easy to install
  • Will not expand, tear or warp out of shape
  • Latex Memory Foam will not deform over time
  • Ultra Comfort – High Occupancy
  • Also available in interlocking format


Cubicle Mattress System

  • 8mm Strong Rubber Top Cover with 25mm Latex Memory Foam
  • Easy to clean
  • Improved milk yield & fertility due to increased lying time
  • Easy to Install
  • Increases animal comfort, welfare & performance
  • Ultra Comfort – High Occupancy
  • Latex Memory Foam will not deform over time

EasyFix Alley Mat

  • Ideal for use in Milking Parlours, passageways & walkways
  • 6’ x 3’9” x 28mm – 50kg
  • Easy to install
  • Will not expand, tear or warp out of shape
  • Impact bubbles underneath the mat provide the ultimate comfort
  • Interlocks together
  • Can be used with automatic scrapers


Max Grip Mat

  • Ideal for use in Milking Parlours, Collecting Yards, sloped or slippy surfaces
  • 1m x 1m x 20mm Penny Grip Surface
  • A unique interlocking rubber mat only available from EasyFix
  • Can be used with automatic scrapers

Parlour Matting

  • 1m x 1m x 18mm Interlocking EVA Mat
  • Available in green or blue
  • Excellent grip & comfort
  • Provides the ultimate comfort for operators in parlour pit
  • Easy to install & clean
  • Resistant to milking machine acids
  • Less Stay Voltage (helps reduce S.C.C.)


Green Cowsafe Cubicle

The revolutionary new cubicle system that delivers the freedom of the outdoors, indoors. The Green CowSafe Cubicle provides better housing conditions for cows. Cost of health care and breeding will reduce and production will increase.


  • Consists of flexible plastic tubes compared to traditional fixed metal rigid loops
  • Front and sides remain open providing freedom of movement into and out of the cubicle
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Can be easily adapted to fit existing system
  • infrastructure


  • Flexible, so the cow will no longer get injured.
  • Fits to the size of the cows, so that the cow lies perfectly in the cubicles
  • More spacious, allowing the cow to lie down quicker and stay there for longer periods
  • Reduced healthcare & veterinary costs
  • Increased resting time, leading to higher milk production
  • Increased cow welfare, can result in more milk production and more value for money


To enquire about any of our products contact us on: T: 028 8077 1687 / 07899 967849 or click here to email us.

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